Why hiding it as community transmission? 40 more confirmed positive for covid at Mangor Hill


Vasco: The COVID-19 outbreak at Mangor Hill, Vasco got bigger with almost 40 cases of coronavirus positive reported on Wednesday while four more have been confirmed on TrueNat test.

A senior health department official said that more testing of the samples is still underway while the number is going to be increasing during the day.

While State government is yet to declare Mangor Hill outbreak as community transmission, the fears are expressed whether this infection has now travelled across the state affecting many others.

Mangor Hill is a thickly populated area with several thousand people living in it. The area  has already been declared as containment zone.

After declaring Mangor Hill as containment area, the health authorities had drawn samples of 230 people from Mangor Hill area of which 100 were tested at Chicalim Health Centre.

To the surprise, out of 100, 17 have tested confirmatory positive while three more were tested positive on TrueNat. Their report is still awaited.

Similarly, 85 samples were tested at Hospicio Hospital Margao of which 17 were confirmed positive while three more were tested positive on TrueNat.

With these numbers, the number of positive patients from Mangor Hill alone has touched 46 with six being diagnosed as positive on Tuesday itself.

The questions are now being raised over Goa government’s silence over declaring the infection at Mangor Hill as community transmission.

The fears are also raised whether this transmission has travelled all across Goa.


  1. House to house testing should be initiated around Vasco and other parts of Goa. Guidelines of lock down 3.0 need to be implemented in the state for a brief time until situation is controlled. Covid 19 is here to stay with us. We must remember Goa is just a speck so precautions need to be taken now.


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