What a dirt!!! Pig nuisance; authorities play blind eye; residents made to live in unhygienic condition 

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Panaji: The residents of Government quarters D 15 at St Inez are forced to live in an unhygienic and unhealthy environment. All thanks to PWD!

It’s been years, since the residents have made official complaints, followed by reminders, about the nuisance caused by pigs in the premise, which is been turned into dumping ground by PWD contractors.

The vehicle garage has been turned out as dumping ground for all the materials, used by contractors,  while undertaking repairs cum renovations of the quarters. The material has been lying in the garbage for more than one year now.

Since the time monsoons have set, the garbage has been resting place  for several pigs, who directly venture into the compound, from the neighbouring sites. The area is left stinking, unhygienic, etc. The authorities have taken no steps to stop pig nuisance, by barricading the compounds, which are already broken.

Not just the garage, but entire surrounding of the building has been in dirty, caused due to pigs. The family residing on the ground floor, with two small kids, have made several complaints too but PWD paid no heeds. The kids are falling sick, as the entire surrounding is now breeding ground for mosquitoes.

A senior journalist and resident of the Quarter took on Tweeter to vent out her anger over the PWD authorities, who despite different complaints, have ignored the situation.

The journalist has now urged Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane for necessary immediate steps under Section 39 of the Goa Public Health Act.

The action should not be just limited to clean the area but a long term solution to stop pig nuisance and also some serious action against the officer incharge of the area.

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