We will not allow BJP to shut Dabolim Airport: Chodankar



Panaji: Congress leader Girish Chodankar on Monday alleged that doubled standard BJP has started showing its color by hatching conspiracy to shut Dabolim airport for civilians.

“Discontinuation of services by Qatar Airways at Dabolim Airport and shifting at Manohar International Airport is a sign and conspiracy by BJP of making ‘The End’ of South Goa airport,” Chodankar said.

“Since the MIA has been commissioned, BJP government is achieving its goal to close the Dabolim airport by forcing the airline companies to discontinue their operations at Dabolim and shift at MIA. This development will kill economy of South Goa. Doubts we raising since last two years coming in reality as we can’t trust double standard BJP,” Chodankar said.

He said that Congress will agitate and support the people of South Goa to retain this airport, which is income source for poor and middle class people. “We knew that BJP will show its color by such acts. They have such an arrogance of power, that they are trying to bulldoze the income source of poor and middle class people. We will not allow them to achieve this goal,” Chodanakar said.


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