Vaccination for children between 12-14 age group begins in Goa


Panaji: The vaccination for the children between age group of 12-14 began in the coastal state with the authorities targeting the schools for mass inoculation.

State Immunisation Officer Dr Rajendra Borkar said that the vaccination for the children between 12-14 age group has begun in the state. “We are targeting schools for mass vaccination,” he said adding that the facilities are also created across all the state-run health centres.

Around 50,000 students between age group of 12 to 14 years are eligible in Goa for the COVID-19 vaccination, he said.

“Children will be given two doses of vaccine intramuscularly with a gap of 28 days,” Borkar said.

The state government has 40-odd facilities in the form of Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres etc across the state.

Borkar said that Goa has administered 26,37,399 doses of covid vaccine in the state with 100 per cent vaccination of two doses to the people above the age of 18 years.


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