Vacancies in the Courts to be filled in next six months: Cabral


Porvorim:Goa government’s ban on fresh recruitment imposed in the year 2016 has left more than 100 vacancies in different courts in the State, the House was told on Wednesday.

State Law Minister Cabral admitted that there are 108 vacancies in different courts which are yet to be filled.

The minister, however, claimed that the non-recruitment of new staff has not hampered the functioning of courts in the State as the workforce on temporary basis are posted to make up for the gaps.

Cabral was responding to a question tabled by Congress MLA Philip Neri Rodrigues, who expressed worries that the shortage of staff might affect the functioning of various courts.

The minister said that the ban was imposed in the year 2016  on all recruitment process in Government Departments and Grant-in-Aid Institutions.

“Now Government has lifted the ban on all recruitment and it will take about 06 months for the said appointments,” Cabral said.

Another Congress MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco told the House that additional 100 staff will be retiring by December this year creating more vacancies, and crippling the functioning of the Courts.

Lourenco said that the State government should desist from giving extensions to the officers but instead fill their posts through proper process.

Cabral said that the State will ensure that every post in the Courts will be filled leaving no scope for any issues.


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