The Mercedes involved in Banastarium accident had four unpaid challans for overspeeding


Panaji: The Mercedes car that killed three on the spot after hitting five vehicles at Banastarim had four challans for overspeeding in the past. All the four challans are unpaid.

Superintedent of Police (Traffic) Bousette Silva said that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras installed in Panaji had issued four challans to Meghana Sawardekar, who owns the car, for overspeeding.

He said that all the four cars were left unpaid. “Once challan is issued, the notification is sent on the mobile number of the owner. I am sure the Meghana must have received notification about challans on her mobile phone,” Silva said.

He said that more details like who was driving the car and whether he or she was drunk could be disclosed by Mardol police.


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