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Sports Minister Babu Ajgaonkar insults legendary Goan footballers: Congress

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Margao: Congress party has strongly objected to the appointment of Dr Shrikant Ajgaonkar, brother of state sports minister Manohar Ajgaonkar, as Vice President of Goa Football Development Council.

Congress has said that it is an insult for the world football legends like Bruno Coutinho, Lector Mascarenhas and former Navelim MLA cum footballer Avertano Furtado to work under Dr. Shrikant Ajgaonkar.


This is an insult of football loving Goans. We demand that all the three footballers must not accept their appointments till this political appointee is removed from GFDC demanded Football lover and GPCC General Secretary Franky Peres. He also urged Arjuna awardee Bramhanand Shankwalkar not to take charge till Sports Ministers brothers appointment in cancelled.


Addressing media via Video Message accompanied by Congress Spokesperson Vithu Morajkar, he demanded that Sports Minister Babu Ajgaonkar has taken the Sports Department to a new low with his misdeeds, corruption and gross irregularities. It is high time that not only Dr. Shrikant but Babu Ajgaonkar himself must be stripped from the Sports Portfolio.


Sports Minister Babu Ajgaonkar uses “Dalit and Bahujan Samaj” card when he comes under attack. But, when it comes to taking political advantage and enjoying at the cost of public money he finds only his family members alleged Vithu Morajkar.


The standard of infrastructure created for the National Games is totally below standard due to corruption and commision raj of Sports Minister Manohar alias Babu Ajgaonkar and may cause serious accident during the event which will bring bad repute to Goa. The Government must conduct structural audit of all the infrastructure created Franky Peres demanded.


It is most unfortunate that the so called visionary Manohar Parrikar first appointed Dr. Shrikant Ajgaonkar on GFDC who is a big Zero in Football just to please Babu Ajgaonkar in a gamble to save his chair. The legacy of corrupt Parrikar is carried forward by Dr. Pramod Sawant who has lost control on administration.


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