People must follow the footsteps of Gandhi to overthrow the BJP Government of atrocities and corruption – GPCC Vice President Sankalp Amonkar on Gandhi Jayanti


GPCC vice President Sankalp Amonkar on Saturday said that people must follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi to unitedly revolt and overthrow the Government that is corrupt, anti people and the government of atrocities.

Amonkar was adressing a large gathering during the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations taken up at Mormugao Constituency office in Baina in the presence of Councillors Shraddha Amonkar, Yogita Parsekar, GPCC Mormugao Block president Mahesh Naik and others
” We celebrate Gandhi Jayanti every year but it is important to take forward his ideology of fighting against corruption, atrocities by revolt and protests through non violence. Gandhiji always said that service to humanity is service to God and that a person tolerating atrocities is equally responsible to the person causing atrocities . We have seen how the BJP has made the lives of Goans miserable with LPG cylinder price hikes , fuel price hikes , hikes in prices of vegetables and groceries and making people difficult to survive ,especially during the pandemic. We have seen how the Government has been pushing anti people projects despite stiff opposition from locals. The time has come, when people follow the footsteps of Gandhi and indulge in protests and raise their voices against injustice. It was only after Dandi March that the then British Government Salt Laws were broken and on similar lines, people must unite to fight the present BJP Government which is nothing less than British Raj. I am sure that this time around, we will have a revolt,a movement with a strong unity to overthrow the BJP Government and choose the right leaders working for the betterment of the people ” said Amonkar Others who spoke on the occasions were Councillors Shraddha Amonkar, Yogita Parsekar, Mahesh Naik and Uddhav Pol


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