Ordinance to grab power is shameful act: Shadow Council


Margao: Moves to get an Ordinance enforced to grab power at the Municipal level is indeed a very shameful act, and needs to be condemned by all. It needs to be realized that this Ordinance will not be limited to Margao alone, but is going to be a law for the future, and will be applicable to all the local body’s, cautioned Mr. Savio Coutinho, Former Chairperson and Convener of Shadow Council for Margao

“This is nothing but total political interference in local body politics, Mr. Coutinho charged. While every successive government is dragging its feet over the implementation of the 73rd and 74th amendment’s, this government is now imposing its command over the local body’s via the proposed ordinance, he said further.

We strongly condem the Margao MLA for this dubious scheme of his. In the first place he has cheated the God’s and the mandate of the people by Defection and Now he is adopting crude means to ensure that non BJP councillors vote for a BJP chairperson candidate. And this is again a treachery against the people of Margao who voted to defeat BJP candidates during Municipal elections held last year, Mr. Coutinho stated.

It is indeed a disgrace to see the low grade politics adopted in Margao. First the councillors were taken to a temple to swear on the sacred coconut, and now this ordinance. Even after having control over the Margao Municipal Council for several years, Margao MLA could hardly bring about any positive changes in this commercial capital. All that we see is the growing number of encroachments on footpaths and roadsides, Mr. Coutinho lamented. And with this desperate move of the ordinance will hardly benefit the city, he said further.

We strongly urge the government not to impose such a draconian amendment on the local body’s; as in a bid to get some ego’s satisfied, a permanent constitutional damage will be done to the grass root local body system.


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