Meet Covid-warriors at GMCH, Eco Clean and Sodexo


Panaji: While frontline medical professionals are busy attending COVID-19 suspected patients at Goa Medical College and Hospital, a team of supporting staff has been working round the clock to ensure that the isolation ward is kept tidy, and patients are served proper diet.

Goa Medical College and Hospital has a crucial isolation ward where COVID-19 suspect patients are lodged.

State’s apex healthcare facility has suspended its Out Patient Departments and runs its casualty and other wards to ensure that proper facilities are provided during the current crucial situation.

“Extra precaution is taken at the isolation ward as far as cleanliness is concerned. This ward is cleaned every one hour with a special cleanliness protocol,” said Sneha Tulaskar, who is managing Eco Clean Systems and Solutions Private Limited,  unit at GMCH.

The company has been handling laundry and cleanliness services at GMCH since the year 2017.

The cleanliness staff is provided with Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) so that they don’t catch infection.

The cleaning of the isolation wards is done through three bucket system, first by hot water, then by liquid soap and then by using sodium hypochlorite.

“Entire floor, glasses, windows and door is cleaned meticulously,” she added.

While workforce of 240 staff is manning the cleanliness of the entire hospital complex, special squad is placed at isolation ward by the company.

Tulaskar narrated how the company initially faced difficulties in convincing the staff to work at isolation ward.

“We gave them detailed information about COVID19 and also precautions to be taken. Now they are comfortable working there,” she said.

The company has been giving vitamin C tablet to the staff who is posted at isolation ward.

Similarly, the linen used in these wards is washed separately, and immediately at 90 degree celcius temperature in the machine, she said.

A senior official of GMCH said that similarly the Sodexo company which has been running the canteen has complimenting the efforts of medical staff.

“They are serving food to the patients in isolation ward by disposable containers and also trolley used to carry the food is exclusive to that ward,” he said.


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