Live Healthy, Say no to Drugs: SDPO Mapusa Jivba Dalvi


Life is beautiful, we love onlyO nce. Stay away from drugs. Don’t allow drugs in your life was the message SDPO Mapusa Jivba Dalvi gave on the location on Drugs Awareness workshop organised by Sant Sohirobanath College, Pernem – Goa on 13/10/2022.

Along with SDPO Jivba Dalvi, Police inspector Somnath Majik, Dattaram Raut and Professor Anand Kolambkar, Satish Sawal were also present during the event.

Thier was a small short film shown to the student focussin on the ill Effects of drugs and the event ended with a question answer session.

Professor Sam Braganza did the anchoring for the event.


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