Kiosk owners have been humiliated : Ramrao Wagh

Panaji :  Ramrao Wagh alleged that the government authorities have humiliated the Kiosk owners near GMCH
St Andre leader Ramrao Wagh, said women, minors and even senior citizens were detained by the police. He alleged that the kiosk owners near GMCH were humiliated by the government authorities.
Several kiosk owners & local leaders including Ramrao Wagh & Rama Kankonkar were detained early morning outside GMC when they protested against the government’s failure to rehabilitate them while new people were allotted space.
The kiosks owners said that this was their only source of livelihood and that they would be put in harm’s way if they are not rehabilitated.
The detained persons have been released by the Panaji police, today evening.
Aam Admi Party (AAP) national youth vice president Cecille Rogrigues said the government is detaining the fruit owners at a time when they have incurred huge losses because of covid 19 pandemic. “Kiosk owners have already incurred huge loss due to covid, Government instead of helping them has put them in harm’s way,” said Rogrigues
“I thank PI Sudesh Naik for listening to us and releasing the detained person,” she said.


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