Inflated prices of vegetable burns a hole in the pockets of Panjikars

Panaji: Goa has witnessed a sporadic rainfall in the month of October, this has hampered the import of onions and other vegetables in Goa. Meanwhile demand for onions has gone up in Maharashtra, Bihar, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh leading to a prise rise of onions. This has led to rise in prices of vegetables in Goa too as most of the supply comes from Karnataka. The following rates of vegetables can be seen in Goa :
Panaji Market Rate, per kg (in Rs)
Potato : 40-50
Onion : 80-100
Chillies : 80
Tomato : 40-50
Coriander : 30-per bunch
In Panaji market there seems to be no control on the price of vegetables. Vegetable vendors citing the reason of reduced supply are looting the common man by selling vegetables at exorbitant rates.
“Eating vegetables every day is a luxury, a bunch of corriander which we used to buy at Rs 10-20 is not at Rs 30-40. I need to precisely calculate the quantity of vegetables while cooking. I only hope that these prices go down otherwise we’ll have to reduce spending on Bazaar this will create health problems for my family,” said Panaji resident and homemaker Anita Naik.
“Diminishing supply of Onions and price rise has hit us(vendors) badly as we don’t get customers easily as before. Schools and colleges are also not begun. Earlier we had a lot of demand for vegetables as kids took tiffin to schools. Since Pandemic business has gone bad,” vegetable vendor Laxman Prasad said.


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