Help of experts from Pune, Mumbai sought over Naphtha tanker stranded off Goa coast


Panaji: Goa government on Saturday said that they have sought help of experts from Pune and Mumbai to control the possible tragedy emerging due to a huge tanker carrying Naphtha grounded off-Goa coast.

State Ports Minister Michael Lobo told reporters on Saturday that the help of experts from Pune and Mumbai has been sought to control the possible tragedy that might emerge after a tanker which was anchored off Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) harbor drifted towards Raj Bhavan at Dona Paula near here.

“We are talking to experts from Pune and Maharashtra since Naphtha is highly inflammable. If the sea gets calm, then the oil and diesel will be pumped out from the vessel into smaller boats,” he said.

Lobo claimed that MPT is the main cause of this incident.

The unmanned cargo ship loaded with naphtha had drifted from the port towards the Raj Bhavan near Panaji on Thursday.

 The 3,000 tonnes capacity tanker was anchored unmanned around five kilometres away from Mormugao Port Trust when it started drifting towards Raj Bhavan at Dona Paula near Panaji.

Raj Bhavan is located on a cliff in Dona Paula village near Panaji city.

Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant on  Friday held meeting of senior officials to tackle any possible situation arising due to drifting of the tanker.

 The ship owner had assured the state government that another vessel would be brought in on October 27 to empty the naptha from the drifting ship.

“State government has set up a team of officials which are closely monitoring the movement of the ship,” he said.


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