GTDC’s trekking expedition to Talyar Caranzol falls this Sunday, 20th August , 2023.



The 5th edition of Monsoon Trekking Expedition by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) will be conducted on Sunday August 20 th 2023. Caranzol Talyar Waterfall is a hidden gem tucked away in the lush forests of the Talyar region.
A nature enthusiast and avid hiker, would be absolutely blown away by the beauty of this waterfall and the surrounding scenery.

The hike to the waterfall is moderate, but well worth the effort. The trail is well-maintained and offers stunning views of the surrounding forest, as well as glimpses of the waterfall as you approach. The sound of the rushing water grows louder and more intense as you get closer, building anticipation for the main event.

Upon arriving at the waterfall, visitors will be struck by its sheer size and power. The water cascades down from a height of over 50 feet, creating a mesmerizing display of mist and spray. The pool at the base of the waterfall is crystal clear and inviting, offering a refreshing swim on a hot day.

One of the things you will appreciate most about Caranzol Talyar Waterfall is its relative seclusion. Unlike other popular waterfalls in the region, this one is off the beaten path and attracts fewer crowds. For one to allow to get fully immersed in the natural beauty and tranquility of the area.

Overall, if anyone is looking for a scenic and rewarding hiking experience, this is the answer. The beauty and power of the waterfall, combined with the peacefulness of the surrounding forest, truly makes an unforgettable adventure.
Delicious veg and non-veg lunch will be provided.
* The cost per head is Rs. 1200 / which is inclusive of lunch, transportation and guidance.
Transport will leave from Mapusa Residency at 6.45 a.m and from Margao Residency at 6.30 a.m. Reporting at Paryatan Bhavan, Panjim is at sharp 7.15 a.m. Those travelling from Ponda areas should catch a bus at Banastari, other routes pick-up is at Verna, Cortalim , Old Goa & Honda Tisk.
Interested trekkers are requested to carry along an extra pair of clothing, rainwear, trekking shoes, binaculars and snacks. *Smoking and consumption of alcohol will not be permitted. * Let’s respect Mother nature by not littering the nearby places with plastic wrappers, bottles etc.

For booking contact: Anil Dalal GTDC – 9422057704/8379022215
For on-line booking please visit:
Twitter : @TourismGoa
Facebook: officialgoatourism


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