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Goa Book Club to hold discussion on Bina Nayak’s book


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Panaji : The Goa Book Club is holding an online meeting to discuss Bina Nayak’s debut novel Starfish Pickle, a vividly told, grippingly paced narrative that takes us deep into the lives of Goa’s commercial divers as they salvage wrecked barges, conduct harbour de-silting operations, and retrieve the bodies of the drowned’ as described by Ranjit Hoskote.
Starfish Pickle is filled with authentically sketched (literally- it is also illustrated with pen & ink drawings by the author) Goan characters- Tara’s family, her boss, her colleagues.
The meeting will be on September 28 at 4.30 pm on Google Meet https://
meet.google.com/qjd-wtzt-pzr. The event is free and open to all, but confirmation of participation is required via WhatsApp on 9822122436. The writer can be contacted at binanayak@gmail.com or 96373 96956
Speaking about the contents of the book Nayak said,”Tara Salgaonkar, a female commercial deep sea diver, not of crystal blue waters that dive programs advertise. Her ocean is murky and muddied, coating her with oil slick and garbage as she dredges it clean. She steals corals and starfish during her dives- little somethings she takes in exchange for what she gives.
Gregory Figueiredo, an elite Naval diver falls in love with this woman who many have tried to love and given up.”
“Steeped in ocean water and the salt of their tears, Starfish Pickle shows us their tempestuous life, a life startlingly similar to the ocean- their workspace; with its tides and undercurrents, storms and deceptive calms.
A doomed love story, a cautionary tale- set against the backdrop of a Goa never seen before,” said Nayak.
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