Ganesh Murti that melts into delicious chocolate milk

This year more and more people are opting for an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi. While idols made from traditional methods such as plaster of paris are still in demand, there is a great shift towards Ganpati sculptures made from natural elements.
Shivani Naik a resident of Vasco has gone one step further and made a Ganapat sculpture made out of chocolate!
While speaking to Goa News Hub she said “I wanted to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with a cause.” Shivani who has hand sculpted the 10KG Ganpati using homemade chocolates and edible colors was inspired by Rintu Rathod, who is the inventor of Chocolate Ganpati.
Her creation is at display in 1930, Vasco.
The idol which is made of chocolate and edible colours cannot be kept in open as it will be subjected to the climate. “We have kept the idol in a glass container and the air condition is on 24/7,” informed Shivani.
“The 7 days Ganapati Visarjan will be done in milk, which will be then served as chocolate milk as prasad to the poor and needy,” Shivani said.


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