For progress and betterment of the state, elect BJP. Said BJP Poirem Candidate Dr. Deviya Rane



Valpoi: “BJP government in the last 5 years has given good governance for holistic development of the state” said BJP candidate Dr Deviya Rane. She appealed people to vote and elect BJP to power for progress and betterment of the state.

Dr Rane was addressing the corner meeting held at Pissurlem. Sarpanch of Pissurlem village panchayat, J. Parab, ZP member, Sagun Wadkar and Panch member, Devanand Parab were also present at the meeting. “We all have to remain united to build a Poriem that will be more developed, progressive, modernized and empowered,” Dr Rane noted.

She further promised to resolve all the issues pertaining to Pissurlem village panchayat. “Good policy makes good politics, keeping in mind I will consider the views of young minds and transform the Poriem constituency into a tourism hub which will take this taluka globally” assured Dr Rane.

She said that during her campaigning she is overjoyed with the positive response from her constituents. “Vote and elect me so that unitedly, we will re-brand Poriem into a model constituency of our state” stated Dr Rane who promised rapid sustainable industrialization of the area if voted to power. Mentioning that she is aware of the problems being faced by graduates and unemployed youngsters, Dr Rane promised to resolve all their problems and create educational hubs for skill development which will ultimately create better job opportunities for rural youth.

“I will be giving new dimension for agricultural activities and assistance to marginal farmers and SHG to take up farming in small and large scale” said Dr. Deviya Rane who told that she will be focusing on sports infrastructure and will make think tank groups in all panchayat for framing good policies in line of development and designing welfare schemes for youth especially girls.


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