Did Catholic priests defeat BJP in Ayodhya? : Congress


Panaji: Reacting to the statement by BJP Goa spokesman Giriraj Pai Vernekar that Catholic Priests were responsible for the party’s defeat in South Goa, Congress Goa Vice President Sunil Kawthankar questioned whether they also defeated BJP in Ayodhya.

In a statement released here, Kawthankar said that BJP has lost South Goa seat purely due to anger of the general public against Modi led government and misgovernance, Massive Corruption, Arrogance, Anti Democratic and Anti Constitution acts of BJP Goa, such as engineering and encouraging defections to subvert public mandate.

“BJP has been trying to run away from owning the responsibility of humiliating defeat BJP leaders by blaming Catholic Priests are contradicting their own Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant who is on record claiming the circular by Archbishop was in favour of BJP, this is a mirror the BJP leaders should look into, It’s time for BJP to do Chintan Baithak analysing defeat in South & they will realise that their own voter base is shifting to Congress after being fed up of their corrupt and communal party,” he said.

Kawthankar said that statistics will further clear the communal smoke screen created by BJP, Considering 80 per cent of total approximate 1,30,000 Catholic voters voting for Congress it comes to 10,8,000 voted for us that means the almost one lakh Hindu voters voted for Congress.

“It looks like the BJP has still not learnt a lesson that politics of hatred and divisiveness doesn’t work out in Goa, as we all believe in live and let live and respect and protect each other’s way of life and belief, Goa decides on merits and this stupidy of spreading and dividing people on communal lines will completely finish BJP. The final mirror BJP must look into and introspect is Ayodhya seat in UP were there Catholics who defeated them there and at several other seats in UP? “

“Their comments on Vijai Sardesai shows their desperation and fear about our respected alliance partner who is seen as a major threat to this government in the days to come,” he added.


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