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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Congress wants President’s Rule in the State, seeks appointment with Governor

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Panaji: Claiming that there are Constitutional crisis in the State due to absenteeism of the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and two other ministers, Congress party today demanded that the President’s Rule should be imposed.

 Congress Spokesman Ramakant Khalap told reporters today that the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has been constantly absent from the State on health reasos without handing over the charge to anyone.

“Also two other ministers – Pandurang Madkaikar and Francis D’Souza – have been down with serious ailments. There is no deadline as to when all these three including Chief minister will be back in the State,” said Khalap.

The Congress spokesman said “it is the time for Governor Mridula Sinha to intervene in the matter as the state is reeling through Constitutional crisis.” He also alleged  that all the three ministers including CM have violated the Oath, which they had taken during their Swearing In Ceremony.

“Our ministers including chief ministers had taken the oath and in this oath the concern state ministers have to clearly promise that they shall uphold, sovereignity and integrity of India and faithfully and consciously discharge his duty as minister of the state,” Khalap said.

“But if you are sick and not able to pay any attention to your duty then there is a violation of the Oath taken by the minister. And if there is violation of the Oath, it tentamounts to failure of constitutional machinery and the failure leads to dismissal of government and President’s rule,” he said.

Khalap said that the Congress has already sought an appointment of Governor to discuss about the crisis currently prevailing in the State.

“Today we have sent a mail to governor requesting for immediate appointment so that we can appraise her with the situation and prevail upon her to act as per the mandate of constitution of India,” he said.

Khalap said that the Indian constitution prescribes that there shall be a council of ministers with chief minister at the head advices the governor of Goa. “We can understand temporary absence of chief minister but invariably, if it is more than 24 hours, than the powers are given to someone else,” he added.

“So, who is he that advices governor of Goa. How many times the council of ministers have met. Let the governor come clean on it,” he commented.

Khalap listed out various issues that are currently plaguing the State of Goa. He said that Governor must “come clean on these issues and let us know what is being done to handle them.”

“She should tell the state on what is happening in all these portfolios. There is no government existing. Democracy requires stable government led by the chief minister. We demand that governor must withdraw her pleasure in this council of ministers and in this government,” he said.

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