Casinos are important for tourism: Pramod Sawant

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Panaji: Goa government on Tuesday said that the Casinos are an important part of the tourism profile in the State and their importance cannot be undermined.

“There are few tourists who come to Goa to play in Casinos. They (casinos) are important from tourism point of view. You cannot write them off,” Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told reporters in Panaji after attending a presentation hosted by State Tourism Department.

“We need to do whatever activities that are required to attract tourists to Goa,” he said adding that State government will promote “good tourism”.

Sawant said that government never said that they will weed out casinos from the State as they are important for the tourism sector.

The chief minister said that State tourism department is planning a video campaign to attract more footfalls here.

The state had reported almost 20 per cent decrease in the number of foreign arrivals during the tourism season which concluded this week with the arrivals of pre-monsoon showers.

Besides beach tourism, Sawant said, the state will have to add cultural and hinterland aspect to it.

“There are so many cultural spots in Goa which can be showcased to the tourists. There are Churches and Temples which can be major tourist attractions,” he said.

Sawant also said that the forest safaris would be promoted in the wildlife sanctuaries of the state.

Goa gets around six million tourists, most of whom are domestic, who arrive here to visit the beaches and Portuguese era Churches.


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One Comment

  • CM – good intentions if carried out systematically.
    It would be satisfying for public awareness if cost benefit analysis were done to justify continuity of the Casino. In addition to what the CM has in mind to increase tourism, the following should be seriously considered.
    1. Ensure continuos cleanliness in Goa – total
    garbage control.

    2. Ensure that foreign tourist are not harassed
    and/or seek or abuse women for sexual favours
    or rape/and murders.

    3. Work with Goans (Goan population overseas
    is circa 500,000).Tap their potentials/leverage.
    Embassies do not focus on Goa

    4. Rid Goa from drug mania.

    5. Move massages in an enclosed area.

    A lot of housekeeping required if you want to gain foreign tourist. Tourist from other parts of India need to be educated in different areas of behaviours.

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