Blindness of Pro- Crony Club BJP Govt. towards plight of comman man exposed reduction in interest rates on small savings – Digambar Kamat

Margao: The Blindness of Pro-Crony Club BJP Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards the Plight and Sufferings of the Common Man got completely exposed with the Finance Ministry Circular No. F. No. 1/4/2019 – NS dated 31st March 2021 reducing the Rates of Interest on various Small Saving Schemes. This is not an oversight. The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is compelled to keep on hold the said decision after the backlash and anticipating adverse reaction in the Poll Bound States stated Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman took to twitter this morning to cover up the anti-middle class act of the Government of reducing Interest Rate on various Schemes such as National Saving Certificate, Public Provident Fund which would have hurt millions of Middle Class Depositors. The statement of the Finance Minister that the Order was issued with oversight is nothing but another attempt to “Fool” the People on the “April Fool Day”. The Government is compelled to keep the order on hold fearing strong reactions from the Citizens especially from the poll bound States like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam etc. claimed Digambar Kamat.

The misdeeds, sins and mismanagement of the BJP Government since coming to power are now Full and have started Overflowing. The people should realise what lies ahead for them and ensure that the insensitive BJP Government is defeated to save the Economy and Democracy of India state Digambar Kamat.

It is shocking that the Interest Rates were reduced by 0.70 – 1.4 percent on Small Saving Schemes like PPF, NSS etc. This proves the insensitive approach of the BJP Government which always tried to support Capitalist and Big Business Houses by announcing Tax holidays and waiver of Bank Loans charged Digambar Kamat.

The irresponsible BJP Government took the disastrous decision of De-monetization without consulting anyone, which resulted in complete collapse of Economy in the Country. The directionless Government is not in a position to revive the Economy and boost the Marginalized Sector.


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