BJP’s 22-point vision for Goa is a manifesto of scams: AAP


Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party’s CM candidate Amit Palekar on Tuesday said the BJP’s 22-point manifesto, unveiled on Tuesday, is a manifesto of scams.

He said that Goans won’t fall victim to the BJP’s promises in this election and will toss the Manifesto in the dustbin. “The 22 point manifesto of BJP is nothing but a scam,” Palekar said.

He said that in order to complete the ten promises made ten years ago, the BJP is asking the Goans to vote for the party for another five years to implement these promises.

“If they have not succeeded in implementing all these things in the last ten years, how will they succeed now?,” he questioned.

Palekar said that as BJP has promised job creation but at the same time it is involved in job scams in departments like Health and PWD. He said that AAP had exposed these scams.

The AAP leader said that Goa Bench of Bombay High Court has taken cognizance of the scam and has constituted vigilance inquiry.

“The BJP, therefore, is scared and is asking people to vote in order to scuttle these things. If the truth comes out then they will go to jail,” he added.

Palekar said that the BJP has also promised to resume mining within six months of forming government. “Who had stopped the BJP from starting mining? Their party has been ruling for the last ten years and even according to SC guidelines they were allowed to begin mining,” he questioned.

“If the BJP failed to resume mining in the last ten years, what is the guarantee that it will start in the next five years? It takes will power and it appears that the party lacks it”, he added.


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