BJP denies Margao Residency ever had Healthcare workers,  Goanewshub confirms they were living till yesterday


Margao: Even as BJP spokesman Dattaprasad Naik denied that Healthcare workers were staying at Margao Residency and have been stopped admissions from today onwards, the fact check by visiting the hotel have revealed that “Healthcare workers were living in Margao Residency.” broke the news about healthcare workers who are on covid-19 duty were stopped from living in Margao Residency, where they have been staying all this while. The order has been issued by District Collector Ajit Roy, under Disaster Management Act.

After the news was widely circulated, BJP Spokesman Dattaprasad Naik clarified that “Healthworkers don’t stay at Margao Residency.”

Naik tweeted “Healthcare workers don’t stay at Margao Residency. Quarantine facility for healthcare workers will continue as per the policy of state administration. Healthcare workers stay at different hotels. Govt has requisitioned 200 plus hotel rooms in Margao in different hotels for them.”

In a bid to re-ascertain the facts, our team visited Margao Residency on Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. where we were told that “Healthcare workers were living in Margao Residency.”

“We have received orders that they should not be allowed from today onwards,” the officials told.

Interestingly, Goa government has prominently put up a board outside Margao Residency at COVID CARE CENTRE.


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