Another savemhadai in unique ‘Buyao style’


Panaji: Four years after the first song on Mhadei that captured the imagination of the masses, renowned musician Sidhanath Buyao has come up with latest on the revered river ahead of January 16 Public meeting at Sankhalim.

Various NGOS and the Political parties have called for the Public meeting at Sankhalim to lobby in support of saving River Mhadei.
To mark the occasion, Sidhanath has composed the song, which would be a new Anthem for the renewed attempts to Save Mhadei. The musician has appealed to the people of Goa to come to Save Mhadei, come to Save Avoi in his exemplary style. “Chal Chal Chal Mhadei Vachovya, Chal Chal Chal; Avoik Vachovya”.
The socially conscious and true Goan, Sidhanath has always found exclusive ways of spreading the message and lodging protests that sets him different.
Buyao has always been very supportive of the social movements that have been vexing the state coming up with songs, anthems and chants at such protests and, in the past, has done many songs on social and political issues.
This song in particular talks about how neither the plants nor the wildlife and the people would not be able to survive without water so it’s high time to open your eyes and see what’s happening around you.
Further, Sidhanath through his unique style of lyrical sarcasm has taken a dig at CM Pramod Sawant reminding him that he has given fake promises over saving Mhadei.
Sidhanath has continued with the legacy of his father Goem Shahir Ulhas Buyao, who had been instrumental at the time of the opinion poll for retaining Goan identity. The NGOs have already called upon people that Save Mhadei is 2nd opinion poll and the Asmitai has to be saved for posterity.


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