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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Allies will agree with the decision of BJP: Ram Lal

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Panaji: BJP’s National Observer Ram Lal has said that the party discussed political situation in the State and allies have said that they will agree with the decision taken by them.

This is what Ram Lal told reporters after the meeting: “Political situation was discussed also discussed about our future program of the party.”

“Al the MLAs, ex-MLAs, office-bearers, core group members were present for the meeting. we have taken opinion from everyone which would be shared with the leaders in Delhi and take the decision which is good in the interest of the state.”

“All the allies have said that they are with the government and will agree with the decision of BJP. No one has placed a demand of leadership change in front of me. Government is stable.”

“There is no proposal for merger. If they want to give any proposal then they will give.”


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