AAP’s Konkani Academy move goes politically wrong


Panaji: Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) attempt to score a brownie point by announcing Konkani Academy in Delhi has not gone well in the coastal state, where the party is eyeing for upcoming Assembly election.

Delhi Cabinet last week approved setting up of Konkani Academy in Delhi. But the move bore no traction, but instead attracted criticism back in Goa.

Large section of people felt that the locals, who are in charge of Goa affairs, had passed on wrong information to party’s National Convener Arvind Kejriwal.

Goa Marathi Academy’s President and AAP leader Pradeep Ghadi Amonkar commented “maybe some people have given misleading information to Arvind Kejriwal, we need to tell him the ground level reality of languages in Goa.”

Aashok Ghadi, Marathi Writer said, ” Even after sixty years of independent Goa , Konkani could not win the hearts of Goans. AAP is nothing but a B-Team of BJP who is working to reduce the votes of Congress, while pretending to be the flag bearer of Konkani.”

But BJP leaders too joined in evaluating the move as wrongly calculated.

BJP MLA Dayanand Sopte while commenting on the proposed project said, “People should not interfere with the internal issue of language in Goa, Marathi and Konkani speakers coexist in Goa, supporting only one language in Goa is adding fuel to the fire of language related issue hence Kejriwal should not intervene into this matter.”


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