What happened to your promise of “Will not allow even a drop to be diverted”? Patkar Questions CM



Panaji: Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Amit Patkar has strongly criticised Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant for accepting the Central government decision on Mhadei PRAWAH in a hurry.
He said the CM’s reaction proves that he has already accepted the Centre’s decision to divert Mhadei.
“The Chief Minister has forgotten Goa has challenged the Mhadei Water Tribunal’s order in Supreme Court, and the decision is still pending. Or has the CM conveniently decided to forget that and allow water to be diverted to Karnataka as his late boss Manohar Parrikar did by granting a letter of approval for diverting water for drinking purposes?” Patkar asked.
Patkar further questioned why Goa should accept Mhadei Distribution Authority.
“What happened to Chief Minister’s promise that Mhadei is his mother and he will not allow even a drop to be diverted?. Was this statement only for media and people’s consumption?” he asked.
Patkar said that soon after the Central Cabinet approved the creation of Mhadei PRAWAH (Mhadei Water Authority), Goa Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant was quick enough to welcome the decision without even studying the pros and cons.
“But when Karnataka’s Detailed Project Report (DPR) was approved, he preferred to stay mum and wanted to study the matter, which proves he has no guts to take on the Modi-Shah duo,” charged Patkar.
He further said that it now proved that the fate of Mhadei had already been decided in Delhi, and Goa CM had already sold Mother Mhadei to Karnataka.
“It now seems that Goa will present a weak case in Supreme Court so that the water diversion to Karnataka is smooth and without any problems. Sawant Govt is only willing to give all powers and control to Authority controlled by Central Govt where every local Goans will suffer, and they will sell & destroy Goa sitting in Delhi,” he said.


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