Villagers demonstrate at Valpoi water supply department as taps run dry in Asorde



Valpoi: On Tuesday the villagers from Asorde, Shirsode, Suranguli, Upper Hivrem and Poriem village marched a morcha to Valpoi Water Supply Department for the acute water shortage broblem in their village since past one week.

When all this villagers had visited at the Valpoi Water Supply Department, the Junior Engineer, Viraj Patil started shouting on the villagers and have spoke arrogantly with them and have said them that he will not going to entertain them if they are not having the water bills then. The junior engineer Patil also told the villagers that he is fed up with Sattari people, He is waiting for his transfer and he dont want to solve tvillagers problems. He told the locals to get out from his office.

The Water supply department have installed a new water pipe line in our Hivrem village, While spending the almost 10 crores expenditure, but still we are facing the water shortage problem in our Hivrem village, say villagers.

All villagers from the five villages have demand to the Government take the strict action on Junior engineer and demand to suspend him immediately. He is not able to solve the water shortage problem of villagers. He is lacking the knowledge and he dont have the common sense, that how to speak with the villagers.


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