Shut casinos for two months, if there is fear of terror: Congress


Panaji: Congress party in Goa on Thursday demanded that casinos in the state should be shut down for sixty days, if the current notification of North district administration is true.

North District Collector R Menaka on Wednesday had issued notification under section 144 of CrPC banning the gatherings claiming that there is input about possible terror threat to the western coast, or anti social activity being held in the state.

The notification will be in effect for next sixty days.

If the government believes the intelligence inputs are true as made out to be as per the notification, then the most vulnerable terror hideout would be in the casinos where government security personnel do not have free access,” Goa Congress’ Chief Spokesman Trajano D’Mello told reporters here.

The government should shut down the casinos for 60 days,” he said.

D’Mello said that the the notification issued by the North District Collector under Section 144 CRPC is mischievous and deplorable as it can be misused by the authorities.

 The Congress leader said that the reasons cited in the Order are that one is that prevailing situation in the country, another is  intelligence inputs regarding possible terror threats along the western coast of India and third is  possibilty of anti-social elements with an intention of committing crime. 

 D’Mello said that the the Supreme Court in its recent judgement has explained to the law makers that Section 144 cannot be used to restrict citizens of their fundamental right to assemble peacefully and cannot be used to prevent expression of opinion or curb any democratic rights.


He said that the  conditions laid down of verification of people staying in rented houses, flats, hotels appears to be very mischievous when these conditions are already existing.


“This specific inclusion in the notification appears to be to raid houses, hotels and any other place and will be misused to harrass those people who are known to be speaking against CAA, NPR and NRC,” he added.  


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