Shiv Sena should not think Goa as their testing lab: Philip Neri Rodrigues


Margao: A day after Shiv Sena claimed that there will be ‘political earthquake’ in Goa, the BJP MLAs have said that there is no question of split in party’s legislative party which is mandatory to form alternative government.

“There is no question of forming alternative government or change in leadership. BJP has consciously given Pramod Sawant as the leader and we have full confidence in his leadership qualities,” BJP MLA and State Water Resources Department Minister Philip Neri Rodrigues told a press conference in Margao town on Saturday.

Rodrigues who addressed the press conference along with another BJP MLA Clafacio Dias said that Sena should not try to use Goa as testing labouratory for their political experiments.

“It has been said by Sena that there would be impact in Goa and alternative government would be formed. Raut said that the miracle is going to happen,” said Rodrigues.

“The government can form only if MLAs from BJP legislative party splits. For BJP to split, it requires 18 MLAs out of 27 as it makes for one third of the group. This is not possible. But the statements made by Raut has unnecessarily made suspicion around the party MLAs,” he said.

Rodrigues who along with nine others had switched over from Congress to join BJP in July this year, said that their decision to switch over was a collective one.

“When we had taken the decision to join BJP, it was collective decision. It is new leadership under Pramod Sawant and we have full confidence, faith and trust that he will work for the development of the State,” he said.

“There is no doubt that there will be any changes in Goa government. There is no scope or no way of creating alternate government when all MLAs are together,” he said.

Rodrigues said that Goa cannot be a political testing labouratory for the people who are ambitious to form the government.

“Sena cannot think that Goa is a laboratory to test their experiments, or dreams. We have own self respect, Goans are wise and intelligent. There is no way of destabilising the government,” he said.


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