Shadow Council of Margao condemns deplorable state of Ratwado road


Margao: Former Chairperson of MMC and Shadow Council for Margao Convener Mr. Savio Coutinho slammed the concerned authorities for the highly deplorable state of the road at Ratwado Margao, which caused immense hardships to the local residents.

Addressing the media along with local residents Mr. Coutinho likened the hardships faced by the residents to that of those in the Smart City of Panjim. “While the people of Panjim are suffering on account of haphazard works in the Smart City, the situation in Margao MLAs “Model Margao” is no better “, Mr. Coutinho lamented.

Mr. Coutinho informed that the Ratwado road was acquired and constructed by him through the Margao Municipal Council; and today if one visits the place it seems like no road exists here, and it is just a kutcha access he said. We had warned the sewerage department when they commenced the work during the later half of the month of May, that the works would not be completed, and that the repairs thereafter also would not be possible once the rains set in, Mr. Coutinho and the locals informed.

However, at the dictates of the Margao MLA, the work was undertaken he said further. “It was a well known fact that the road was a public road constructed by the Margao Municipal Council after following due process of land acquisition. However, in a very misleading exercise, the sewerage department and the MLAs local henchmen were seen going around collecting NOC’s to lay the sewerage network line, inspite of the road being a public road, Mr. Coutinho said. This is a normal gimmick of the Margao MLA being practiced for last 2 decades, in order to portray that he is getting some unusual work done for the people, Mr. Coutinho charged.

We have scooter riders falling off with their children on this road, and all that we get is promises that the road will be repaired soon, the local residents rued.

We strongly demand that the repairs of the road be undertaken immediately so as to relieve the residents of their hardships, Mr. Coutinho thundered.

There are ailing senior citizens residing here, and in case of any emergency it is not possible to get a four wheeler inside, leave aside an ambulance, Fr. Johnsie Colaco said. For over a month our vehicles are left on the main road on account of the horrible condition of the road, Fr. Colaco said further.

The locals demanded that the road should be repaired by providing proper rubble soling, with proper compaction by using a road roller.


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