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Shadow Council for Margao opposes upcoming biomethanation plant in Sonsodo

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Margao: The decision of setting up of seven biomethanation plants at Sonsodo was met with criticisms from Shadow Council for Margao (SCM). SCM convenor and ex-Chairperson MMC Savio Coutinho came down heavily on this decision questioning whether public representatives supporting the decision are ready to take responsbilty if any mishap takes place.

Speaking to GNH Coutinho said, “Under Right to Information I had asked about the costing and the quantum of Electricity and gas that would be produced along with the commercial value of it, but unfortunately no information has been furnished to me by the authorities.”  The ambitious project at Sonsodo which will provide a solution to the burning waste issue is just an eyewash according to Coutinho.
“All those public representatives supporting this untested experiment should publicly announce that they shall take responsibility in the event of its failure, are they ready?” Countinho said.
The seven biomethanation plans proposed to be set up at Sonsodo is supposed to address the burning waste issue and will cost the Margao Municipal Council a whopping Rs 42.79 crore. The Goa Waste Management Corporation has submitted preliminary estimates of the ambitious biomethanation project to the Margao Municipal Council. Now the civic body is to decide whether it wants to forward the proposal to the government for administrative approval.
Savio Coutinho reckoned that this is a complete waste of money, stating this project will not provide an effective solution. “Waste Management Minister  Michael Lobo had stated that the setting up of the 7 Mini Bio Methanation plants was a temporary arrangement till the Big plant for South Goa comes up, which is expected within 2 years, Coutinho added.
“Is this huge expenditure  worth a temporary arrangement?” asks Coutinho.
“One year will easily pass off by the time the Biomethanation plants are set up. Meaning, that 42.79 crore is a huge amount will be spent for a temporary arrangement for one year,” Coutinho


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