Sawant presents ‘Time Pass’ copy-paste and oft-repeated budget: Congress


Panaji: The Congress leader and Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar reacting to the budget passed by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that this ‘budget’ is nothing but ‘copy and paste’ exercise to hoodwink people of Goa as there is no policy to revive the collapsed economy.


Amonkar alleged that the irresponsible Chief Minister has no vision for Goa and hence he does the exercise of copying the content from the erstwhile budget and paste it as new. “He was busy all these days organizing swearing in ceremony to impress his bosses from Delhi. Before that he was busy lobbying for the Chief Minister’s post and was travelling now and then to Delhi. While doing this exercise of retaining his chair, I am sure he has not got enough time to draft a budget. Thus he has given ‘Old Wine in New Bottle’.” MLA Sankalp Amonkar said.


He said that the budget presented for 2022-23 fiscal with oft-repeated schemes and projects will expose the BJP government in near future. “We had demanded wired internet connectivity to the schools of Goa. But the BJP government had failed to implement it and thus the student community had suffered. It has even failed to provide a mobile network across Goa, so the students can learn online.” Amonkar pointed out.

” Despite the hue and cry by the people of Goa against the three linear projects BJP government has not mentioned single word about scrapping it. Even it failed to announce converting MPT into Cruise Terminal & Green Cargo Logistic Hub and utilise MPT for pharma products export cargo.” Amonkar lamented.

“Government has no plans to rejuvenate the economy of the state. Goa is fully dependent on borrowing loans and to hide inefficiency it is trying to give vivid doles to the public. Public wants the state exchequer to become strong by revenue generation from various modes and not only by issuing traffic challans.” Amonkar observed.


Amonkar said that the illegal recruitment done by the BJP government has burdened the State exchequer. “BJP has failed to upgrade the skills and productivity of employees.” He said.


“Model Village, Eco-Tourism and others many projects are oft-repeated from previous budgets. Despite being in power for the last ten years, BJP failed to implement its own manifestos and fulfill promises given to people of Goa.” He said.


Amonkar charged that much of the content of this budget is derived from the governor’s address and thus it proves that the Chief Minister hastily drafted the budget by copying.


He said that budget allocation has been done for old projects and not new projects are initiated. “There is no point in presenting the ‘old narrated stories’. People were expecting new things from the double engine government. But now it is evident that this government has no vision.” He said.


“No stakeholder has been taken into confidence before drafting this budget. Government has not taken suggestions from people of Goa and has presented how it wants.” Amonkar said.


“This time-pass budget will not help Goa to make progress. BJP has ignored the social sector.” He said.


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