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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Revolutionary Goans takes on Goa govt on merger of Primary Schools


Panaji: Revolutionary Goans Party chief Manoj Parab has questioned Goa government’s decision to merge the government run primary schools, amidst the dwindling number of such institutions.

Addressing a press conference, Parab pointed out that in the year 2012, Goa had 900 Primary schools which are reduced to 720 in the year 2022.

Goa government intends to merge 294 schools schools, thereby reducing the total number of Primary Schools to 426.

Parab pointed out that the students in the rural areas still have Primary Schools within walking distance of their residences but the government’s decision of merger will make them walk kilometers to reach to their class.

He said that the merger has created fear in the minds of parent.

Parab said that the state government’s decision is not based on any scientific data or experts’ opinion but aimes to help the non-aided schools.

“We are not against the non-aided schools but not at the cost of government primary schools,” he said.

The RG chief said that they will be conducting awareness drive across all the villages. He said that state government should work on providing infrastruture to the primary schools on priority.

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  1. RG has done damaged only to Congress. RG got Congress votes only. RG spoiled Congress chances of winning more seats. AAP remain safe even this RG aggressively campaigned against the AAP. AAP vote share increased despite RG campaigned aggressively against the AAP. RG benefited BJP.


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