Revocation of suspension order of a kin of former CM was due to political pressure: Chodankar



Panaji: Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar alleged that the revocation of suspension order of a Senior Doctor of GMC is done by the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant bowing to  pressure from BJP high command who sent directives from Delhi to protect the said  doctor who is related to the family of BJP’s Ex. Chief Minister.

“I had anticipated this and had made a public statement about it on May 12th,” he said.

Chodankar said the BJP government in Goa has crossed all its limits and is now playing with the lives of the people in its gamble to protect family of their  former Chief Minister alleged Chodankar.

The Government headed by Dr. Pramod Sawant has become completely insensitive towards the public sentiments and is now indulging in political pressure tactics even on deaths of innocents.

“No one knows what happened to the inquiry two committees appointed by GMC and Government and what is the fate of those committees now.”

“It is now more than clear that Dr. Pramod Sawant led government is trying to cover up its wrong doing which have led to deaths of innocent patients due to gross negligence of the authorities including some doctors . The facts and figures are being manipulated to create a fake feeling of “All is Well” in Goa.”

“The government bulletin issued on 14th and 15th mentions of 8 new patients found positive of Covid19. Surprsingly, the said bulletins dont show any details of where these eight patients are presently being treated.”

“We once again reiterate our demand for independent judicial probe on unfortunate death of our two time MLA late Jitendra Deshprabhu and also the deaths of others which have happened in isolation wards of GMC,” he said.

“The judicial probe should also investigate the flip flops in misleading and confusing statements of Chief Minister, Health Minister and Dean of GMC and must also investigate the circumstances which led to revocation of the suspension order of the senior doctor.”


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