Pramod Sawant led govt will go after BJP loses Delhi: Tagore


Panaji: Senior Congress party leader Manickam Tagore on Thursday claimed that the day BJP government loses in Delhi after Parliament polls, there will also be debacle of Pramod Sawant-led government in the state.


Tagore is in Goa on two-day visit during which he met the officials of Pradesh Congress Committee in Panaji on Thursday. The Congress leader said that he has been mandated to review the performance of the PCC and also prepare for upcoming Lok Sabha election in the state.


He said that Congress party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi will win both the Lok Sabha seats in Goa. “The day BJP loses in Delhi after Parliament election, you will see that Pramod Sawant-led government in Goa also collapses. This government is formed after buying over MLAs with money and also with the pressure of the central agencies,” he commented.


Tagore said that the INDIA alliance is a national level cooperation between like-minded parties but there also will be state level alliances. The state level alliances would be decided after the next meeting of INDIA alliance, he said.


The congress leader claimed that the people of the country want to oust BJP which is clearly indicated from the exit polls of the states which went for polling recently.


He said that the candidates for Lok sabha would be announced “on time.” Tagore said that the selection of candidate would be done through democratic process by various committees including Pradesh Election Committee and Central election committee which will meet before announcing the candidates.


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