Plan to re-liberate Goa will be unveiled on 19th December: Sardesai


Margao: The president of Goa Forward Party Vijai Sardesai on Saturday said that on 19th December, liberation day of Goa, they will unveile the plan to re-liberate Goa from second colonization by having meeting with likeminded people. “On this day we will tell who will form next government and who will win assembly election.” Sardesai said.

He termed BJP’s regime is second colonization, from which there is need to liberate Goa.

While welcoming Vikas Bhagat, Founder Member of “Goyant Kollso Naka” & Convenor of “Goemkar Ek Pavl Ekcharache”, in Goa Forward Party, Sardesai also assured Goans that once his party comes into power and form government he will on first day withdraw cases against people who were booked for agitating against coal and linear projects and then Goa will be coal free.

“These people agitated to save Goa from coal and protect our environment. Hence, it is our duty to protect this people by withdrawing cases against them. This we will do on very first day of government formation.” Sardesai said.

Sardesai on Saturday welcomed Vikas Bhagat in party fold and said that latter is working to save Goa from coal. Vikas will head our Environment Cell of the party said Sardesai. GFP leader Prashant Naik was also present on the occasion.

Vijai also said that Goan shack operators will have ease of doing business and for that MPT will be bypassed. “Why we need to take NOC from MPT.” He questioned.

“MPT will be nowhere in picture for erecting shacks on Goan beaches. We will help our Goans by bypassing MPT, that is my word.” Sardesai said.

He also said that BJP government is impotent and working on behest of its high command.

Vikas Bhagat said that BJP government is working against the interest of Goans and hence he has joined Goa Forward Party, which is working in the interest of Goemkars.


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