NOTE, Consumer VOICE organised awareness talk on E-cigarettes



Dona Paula: National Organisation for tobacco eradication (NOTE-India) and Consumer VOICE New Delhi organised a felicitation program for educational institutes who had participated in “Anti-Tobacco Signature Campaign” along with an awareness talk on ill-effects of E-Cigarettes.

The event was held in context to the webinar organised on 20th July 2023 by NOTE (India) and Consumer VOICE, New Delhi with support of by Directorate of Education, Government of Goa Around 450 schools across the state of Goa along with its students had attended the webinar on Anti-Tobacco and Drug Abuse awareness conducted by Dr. Shekhar Salkar, renowned oncologist from the state.
The “Anti-Tobacco Signature Campaign” which involved active participation of five thousand students from eleven schools including parent-teacher associations of three schools, NOTE(India) along with Consumer VOICE shall be dispatching these signatures to office of honourable Prime Minister and Union Health Minister of the country along with an letter of appeal to seek strict laws governing tobacco control in India.

Dr. Shekhar Salkar during his talk on “ill effects of E-Cigarette” explained to the students and participants that Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) commonly available as E-Cigarette or Vape is banned by the Government of India and possession of such items is a punishable crime, however E-Cigarettes are freely available in the market and easily accessible to the youth and children, thou it has been marketed as harmless alternative to smoked tobacco it is equally dangerous and harmful, Dr Salkar also sensitised the gathering on substance abuse and how to identify the early symptoms of drugs abuse, he opined that teachers role is vital in identifying such youth and ensuring timely intervention is done.

Mrs Sucheta Dessai, Superintendent of Police, Training- Govt of Goa was the chief guest for the felicitation ceremony, Mrs Dessai congratulated civil society organizations like NOTE (India) and Consumer VOICE to have initiated such activities for the betterment of the society, she appealed to the gathering that the state police is sensitive towards such issues and is always ready to provide any assistance to address violations in the domain of anti-tobacco and drug abuse, however it is the duty of citizens to report such activities to local police stations so that timely action can be taken, she also advised educational institutes to form groups or associations to ensure such incidents are identified and notified via appropriate channels to the authorities.

The following educational institutes were awarded mementos and certificates for participating in the Anti-Tobacco Signature campaign.

Dempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar,
Narayan Zantye College of Commerce, Bicholim
Radha-Krishna Vidyalaya, Bicholim-
Progress High School, Sanquelim,
Ravindra Kelekar Dyanmandir, Margao,
S.S.Angle Higher Secondary School Mashem Loliem


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