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Netizens criticize Godinho’s announcement on HSRP, new fines

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Panaji: Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho’s announcement to impose amended fines from January and also support to HSRP number plates has not gone down well with netizens.

Godinho’s statement got angry response on the Facebook and other social media platforms asking him to repair the roads first before implementing anything further.

He was also adviced to take care of ailing Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited, a state run corporation.

Facebook user Agnelo Desouza adviced Godinho “first fix the road.”

Bryan Rodrigues responded “Aare transport minister, first check the roads and more over your luxury transport buses called kadamba which has been outdated by number and engine safety.”

Savio Almeida said “HSRP what does S stand for and what is the benefit for customers.”

Leo Rodrigues wrote “Are the potholes a healthy sign and you consider them safe.”


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