Manipal Hospital offer complimentary health packages to plasma donors


Dona Paula: In a bid to encourage Plasma donation to treat COVID-19 positive patients, Manipal Hospital has offered two comprehensive health packages to the donors, who can even transfer the benefit to their  parents.

The health package worth Rs 3,500 each is offered by the hospital, which has been accepting the plasma donation.

Announcing this, Dr Shekhar Salkar has put up a picture of his friend Basavaraj Gudi, who donated his Plasma at Manipal Hospital, post recovery.

“I am extremely happy that young people are coming forward to donate plasma that can save someone’s life,” Salkar said.

“I strongly urge all the recovered patients of Covid19 to come and donate plasma post 28 days of recovery,” he said.

Salkar said that Manipal Hospital has issued Basavaraj two comprehensive health packages worth Rs 3500 each and is transferable to his parents.

“It’s small token of our gratitude to those “COVID ANGELS,” he added.


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