Live next to three waterfalls at The Earthen Nest, Cotigao


Cotigao (Canacona): If you are amongst those who find it amazing to take a dirt track to reach to the Waterfall and then click some mind blowing selfies and pictures that would make your social account sound incredible.

Or you are the one who would like to rush away from the busy life and enjoy or just sit in the forest and read some nice novel. Here is one place that will provide you all the luxuries despite being in the wild.

The Earthen Nest at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect destination for monsoon outing for you, your family or even a group.

Nestled inside the sanctuary, the eco friendly cottages provide all the five star luxuries that you aspire for.

The USP of the resort is its location. It is just a walking distance from three waterfalls which are flowing with its full gush this monsoon.

The resort provides you the required help to reach to the waterfall. If you are not the one, who would like to track, then you can always avail a facility of reaching to the spot with a four wheel drive jeep.

The Jungle Safari amidst few of the endangered species of plants that are found in Western Ghat is a memory that you will carry along forever. Every second, you have something to click through your camera, or something that would click in your personal life.

And all this is provided at affordable rate for a middle class family.

If you want to reserve a cottage for you, whatsapp on : 09545708010


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