I am sorry but next monsoon there will not be floods in Panaji: Babush Monserratte


Panaji: With several low lying areas of Panaji city getting inundated due to heavy rains, Panaji MLA Babush Monserratte has said that he can’t do anything for this monsoon season as damage is already done.

“I am sorry that people will have to bear with such kind of situation. But I will ensure that next monsoon there will be no floods in Panaji,” he said.

Monserratte who inspected the flooded areas of the city said that GSIDC and Smart City were responsible for such a mess, which cannot be undone right now.

“Now every week we will be having a meeting .. Now we can do nothing. People will have to bear at least this monsoon with the problem.. I am sorry that the people have to bear with the problem. We will ensure that by next monsoon they will never have to see such a situation,” he said.


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