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Govt’s inability to control traffic jam may be to disrupt feast of Goencho Saib: Vijai Sardesai

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Fatorda: Goa Forward Party (GFP) on Monday said that Goa government’s failure to control traffic jam on Agassaim-Verna highway may be intended to consciously disrupt and devalue the feast of Goencho Saib to be held tomorrow.

GFP President Vijai Sardesai in a statement issued here has pointed out that the horrific traffic jams along the National Highway from Agassaim to Verna are becoming a nightmare these days for daily commuters, tourists and especially pilgrims attending the novenas of St Francis Xavier at Old Goa.

This is a major route for pilgrims especially from Salcette, going to Old Goa, he said.

The GFP President said “what is more shocking is the apathy and helplessness exhibited by the present inefficient government in alleviating the distress of Goemkars and pilgrims.”

“The Goa Forward Party fears that this lackadaisical attitude of the government may be intended to consciously disrupt and devalue the feast of our revered Goencho Saib to be held tomorrow,” Sardesai said.

The GFP has demanded that the government should stop giving lame excuses and get its act together immediately by deploying necessary staff so that the feast of Goencho Saib, who is held dear by Goemkars cutting across all religions, is allowed to be held smoothly without any obstruction.


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