Government not doing enough to contain Covid 19 : Vijai Sardesai


Panaji : Vijai Sardesai Goa Forward Chief has slammed the government today in a recent press statement he said the Government is not doing enough to contain Coronavirus.

 Vijai Sardesai asserted that CM Sawant and health minister Vishwajit Rane have a difference of opinion regarding Covid 19 ” CM says we don’t need a Codiv negative certificate for those coming to Goa but Vishwajit has a contrary opinion that we should mandate Covid negative certificate” lamented Sardesai
Meanwhile Sardesai said Holi parties are being advertised by Casino, ” CM has made Goa a banana republic. There is no proactiveness or adequate preventive measures. I have also always advocated that the private sector should also be involved in distribution of Vaccines along with the government this way more public would have been vaccinated” said Sardesai.
Sardesai also inferred that Goa Government should not follow the national trend in handling Coronavirus ” the  intensity of the 2nd wave of Coronavirus would  have been dramatically reduced haad the Goa government taken adequate measures” said Sardesai.


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