Goa’s power problems are due to transmission issues: Nilesh Cabral


Porvorim:  Minister Nilesh Cabral on Monday said that the coastal state does not face any shortage of power supply but the electricity outages is due to issues in transmitting it to the consumers.

Cabral was addressing a press conference after he faced severe criticism for frequent outages in the state ahead of the monsoon.

The minister said that Goa does not have any power generation of its own, the state is dependent totally on central generating stations (CGSs) for power.

“Presently the State is receiving 392 MW from the Western Region (WR) and 100 MW from the Southern Region (SR). The total allocation from the Ministry of Power as on today is 492 MW. The present Power requirement of Goa is around 572 to 610 MW. The Department is procuring the balance requirement from the open IEX (Indian Energy Exchange),” he added.

Cabral said per se there is no shortage of Power. “However, the difficulties are in transmitting the said Power to Goa and receiving the same at various Extra High Voltage (EHV) stations,” he said.

“All the EHV Sub-stations are heavily loaded and cannot transmit or distribute the required Power at many places. The transformers and Sub-stations as a whole are loaded and cannot cater to the loads of the consumers,” he said.

Cabral said that these EHV Sub-stations being the heart of our system, unless and until these Sub-stations as well as the transmitting network lines are strengthened and additional capacities are built, no amount of work done on the distribution network will give much relief.

“Hence, my focus is primarily on strengthening or building the main transmission network across Goa and since these are all major works it will take a lot of time for the same and once completed shall take care of the State’s growing demand for the next at least 30 to 40 years,” he added.


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