Goa University students develop user-friendly electronic stethoscope



First year MSc student from Goa University Unmesh Naik along with his teammates Narayan Sawant and Gouresh Shelko have developed an electronic stethoscope, which aims at producing accurate result by eliminating the risk of human error.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

How did you get the idea?

Whenever I visit to the doctor, I used to get curious about what exactly doctor looks with stethoscope and how does it function. When I came to know more about it, I thought why not to have an electronic stethoscope with greater advancement in calibration at probing system as compared to that of acoustic stethoscope.

How different the electronic stethoscope from the analog stethoscope?

The main point of difference is the ability to amplify the signal and to convert analog signal into digital onscreen with a provision to transfer the data over a long distance for diagnosis if necessary. Yes, the diagnosis will be more accurate as compared to acoustic stethoscope.

What advantages it would provide to the medical fraternity?

A very good tool which will eliminate the human error at greater extend, which is user friendly.


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