Goa has to do further progress on ease of doing business: Finace Commission


Dona Paula: The fifteen Finance Commission on Friday noted that Goa has to be do further progress on the ease of doing business notwithstanding the progress it has already made in the sector.

The two-day-long consultation of 15th Finance Commission  led by its Chief N K Singh were wound up on Friday afternoon after State government made a detailed presentation.

State Chief Minister Pramod Sawant made a presentation before the Commission members near here demanding that percentage of extra grants devolved to Goa should be increased from 42 per cent to 50 per cent.

Goa has also highlighted its asset of huge forest cover and focus on the Solid Waste Management, while asking for the increased funding from the Central kitty.

Talking to reporters at the end of the consultations, Singh pointed out that Goa needs to do “further progress” on the front of ease of doing business.

“On the front of ease of doing business, notwithstanding progress made by Goa, particular in terms of initiation of new businesses, permissions to be granted, single window clearances, are the areas where further progress needs to be made,” he said.

Singh said that Goa has made a request for increasing extra grants from 42 per cent to 50 per cent. “But, let me add there is hardly any state in India which has not made similar plea including the plea for special package,” he said adding that Goa has also asked for a package to compensate loss created due to mining closure.

Singh said the commission recognizes the fact that Goa plays a role in India’s economic growth. “We  recognize that Goa which achieved notable success on many parameters needs to be encouraged and incentivized as we go forward,” he said.

He said that Goa government has given detailed memorandum listing the parameters based on which the Finance Commission should raise their devolution of funds apart from recognizing the efficiency of the State and its geographical dimensions.

“They also mentioned about the forest and  ecological cover. We recognize this and we will try to see what way while giving our horizontal devolution, we are able to recognize the fiscal costs in better ecological cover,” the chairman said.

On the font of Solid Waste management and sanitation, Singh said “Goa has few kind of challenges inspite of legacy that it has inherited.”

“Fortunately state government is very conscious that these are the areas which required priority,” he added.

Singh said that Goa has asked for financial package to compensate for the mining loses which they have encountered, the sluggishness in growth of tourism, the strengthening of infrastructure, the emphasis on sanitation and improved solid waste management and renewable energy.

Talking about the central fund, the Chairman said “it is a divisible kitty, we will see how best we can balance the considerations of equity, need and efficiency.”


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