GCA to conduct performance and activity audit of its players 


Porvorim: Goa Cricket Association (GCA) has resolved to formulate an independent department within the body to conduct performance and activity audit of its players who are representing the State.

GCA Annual General Body meeting (AGM) held on Sunday at Porvorim decided to form the department which will keep track on the players who are groomed by the cricketing body.

The department will also keep standardize the Cricket coaching practices in the State getting them in sync with the guidelines of Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI).

GCA President Suraj Lotlikar told reporters that the AGM decided to appoint a Director for Coaching for the department on contract basis of three years.

“We will have  performance audit and activity audit of every player who have been representing the State in different matches including Ranaji,” the GCA President said.

He said that the GCA was critical of the fact that several players are playing nine matches including Ranaji and T-20 suddenly disappear from the sight.

“What is serious is that after playing nine matches, we don’t know where the players go or what they do,” he said.

“Playing Cricket is not a part time profession now. It’s a full time thing, Everybody has to be dedicated and work hard,” Lotlikar said.


He said that after seven to nine matches, very few players stick to the program of fitness and involve themselves in cricket and rest we don’t have any track of them.

“That is why we though of giving them performance and activity audit,” he said adding that when association is giving them everything it is our right to know what they do after matches.

Lotlikar said that it is expected from the players that after the matches they should go to various coaching classes and improve their game.

“Best practice for cricket is to play maximum game,” he said.


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