Election Commission announces polling dates and counting days for Vidhan Sabha elections in 5 states: Details


On Saturday, the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced the dates for the Vidhan Sabha elections in 5 States, namely, Goa, Punjab, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

While briefing the media, Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra informed that the elections in the poll-bound States will commence from February 10, 2022, to March 7, 2022. Elections in the State of Uttar Pradesh will be conducted in 7 phases, followed by Manipur with 2 phases. Elections in Goa, Uttarkhand and Punjab will be conducted in a single phase.


Here is the schedule for the polls:

Phase 1: February 10 (Uttar Pradesh)

Phase 2: February 14 (Uttarkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Punjab)

Phase 3: February 20 (Uttar Pradesh)

Phase 4: February 23 (Uttar Pradesh)

Phase 5: February 27 (Uttar Pradesh, Manipur)

Phase 6: March 3 (Uttar Pradesh, Manipur)

Phase 7: March 7 (Uttar Pradesh)

According to the Election Commission of India, the votes will be counted on March 10, 2022. ECI informed that all physical campaigning will be ceased until January 15, 2022, in light of the rising cases of Coronavirus.


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